Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Rest of His Life: Brian Wortel

In more recent times, Brian Wortel's focus has been on making the best possible improvements to his physical and mental health. Brian works hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In his case, that means he likes to complete a thorough workout at the gym virtually every day. That is because Brian loves the feeling ge gets when he goes to the gym. He sees it as a great stress reliever and as an indescribable source of pleasure. He loves seeing the health benefits of a good workout, but it also has a positive impact on his mindfulness, as well.

Brian Wortel sees working out and gaining a higher level of physical fitness as a major challenge that motivates him to be the best person he can be. Brian is also now focused on improving his eating habits, to go along with his improved physical fitness. He tries to consume the best foods possible to support his healthy lifestyle. He feels that the combination of healthy eating and healthy physical activity is the key to improving the quality of his life as well as the quality of his mood. Eating healthy has a lot to do with how a person feels and it has a lot to do with the perspective they take on life.

In addition to working out at the gym and eating healthy food, Brian T. Wortel also likes to ride bikes and hike. Although he no longer runs marathons, in his past, he has run numerous marathons, including the prestigious Chicago marathon three times, he has run more than a dozen half-marathons and numerous 5K and 10K races. Brian loves the outdoors and he likes to travel to warm, sunny climes when he can, especially tropical beaches in places like Jamaica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Honduras and the like, although he also enjoys heading up to the mountains for the beautiful vistas they provide. He also loves to travel with his family, especially his two daughters, Allison and Ashley.