Friday, 7 July 2017

The Healthy Lifestyle of Brian Wortel

Brian Wortel
Brian Wortel operates from the strong belief that getting to and maintaining a higher level of physical fitness is a major challenge that he absolutely must win. it is that physical fitness quest that motivates him to get a hard physical workout nearly every day. These days, Brian is trying to extend his quest to greater physical fitness by trying to improve his eating habits. By eating the healthiest and most nutritious foods possible to support his healthy lifestyle, he believes the combination of healthy eating and healthy physical activity is the key to improving the quality of his mood, as much as the quality of his life.

The fact is, Brian T. Wortel has always been a very goal-oriented person who is motivated by learning how to live the best life possible at every moment of his life. He never looks backward, but he is still proud of his varied life experience and the impact those experiences have had on the person he is. When he looks at the best ways to improve his life, sometimes he finds one that doesn’t work, but Brian Wortel won’t dwell on those; he simply takes a lesson from it and moves on from there.

He is also proud of where he came from and the experiences that made him who he is. Brian T. Wortel once served as a combat medic in the Middle East for the U.S. Army. Following that, he also had a 20-year career as a special education administrator. Brian feels strongly that those experiences and others have molded him into a good man, and he plans on using everything he’s learned to live life to its fullest potential.